Do you like this Victoria Beckham outfit?

  1. [​IMG]

    I think that's what she's wearing to the TomKat wedding....
  2. Victoria Beckham leaves a luxury hotel in downtown Rome on November 18, 2006. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have chosen a 15th century castle just outside of Rome as the location for their celebrity wedding. (Tony Gentile/Reuters)
  3. she looks ridiculous :rolleyes: Only french people can wear such a hat properly
  4. [​IMG]
  5. In my eyes, VB can do no wrong (although I don't many of us could get away with that hat:smile:
  6. Actually I like that hat. I wonder who it's by? Looks like Philip Treacy but the details match the dress....
  7. I think wearing a hat (with the exception of a baseball cap or one of those knit caps in winter) is a very bold statement in general. You hardly ever see people do it.... It's too bad. In the latest Jane magazine there are some adorable oversized hats I wish I could wear (without people thinking I'm crazy). :s
  8. I love hats....I always wear them at weddings. Not enough people do nowadays!

    And I dont think a hat like this can only be worn by a certain race - whats that about!
  9. I love the dress, but not the hat. She can definitely pull it off though =)
  10. Beautiful dress but it looks like a space ship landed on her head.
  11. i think the oufit looks great, and she has a killer tan to match the oufit as well :smile:
  12. I think the hat would be really cute if it were smaller. It just looks ridiculous because she's so tiny.

    Maybe she thought the wedding theme was "Come as Xenu's spaceship." ?
  13. Please don't throw stones at me ..... but I don't think she carries this look or any others very well.
  14. ^ kat, i totally agree. i hope no one throws stones at me either! LOL
  15. i love this haute couture look she's going for. absolutely fantastic