Do you like this style of MBMJ bag, or dislike it? Your opinions please!


Do you like this style of MBMJ bag, or dislike it?

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  1. I am wondering if you guys like this style of MBMJ bag? Do you like the bigger one, the smaller one, or both? Is it a popular bag? Would you buy one? I appreciate your opinions!:yes:

  2. I LOOOOVE the bigger one (softy tote?), I think this was one of the first MbMJ bags I was completely :drool: over. I actually still want one really badly but they pop up one eBay only once in a blue moon, and get bid up pretty high. The smaller one is cute, but doesn't compare to the tote, IMO.
    Are you thinking of getting one of these?!?!
  3. I like the smaller one and would certainly buy one. I love my MbMJ bags, they always feel so nice to touch.
  4. :huh:Oo i like the second last one... the smaller one.
    which season was this ? i've never seen them before but i do find them pretty lol
  5. Love the larger style. I almost bought this when it first came out. I kind of wish I had. It would be a great weekend bag.
  6. I love the tote the other one not so much.
  7. not the most exciting mbmj style out there, but still nice. i prefer the big one. i can't imagine being able to fit everything i need in the smaller one. i love the leather of the softy line. so soft. the colors are fun too.
  8. I prefer the smaller style.
  9. i like the smaller version better, but i think it's just not my style, however i feel it can look really great on other people, but i would never buy it..
  10. I love both, especially the bigger one. Seems very pratical for every day life.
  11. I like the smaller one. The tote looks like it would be difficult to get things out--you'd have to fish around the bottom of the bag which is really deep.
  12. i have a black softy tote and i LOVE it. it's my fave.
  13. Not a fan of this bag. Sorry.
  14. I like the smaller style better, the longer one looks top-heavy to me.
  15. the bags from the softy line are really versatile and pretty popular. i'd say go for it - they're great everyday bags :yes: