do you like this stuart weitzman?

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  1. Too plain IMO.
  2. yes i agree

    everyone ignore this thread!

    i wish you could delete a thread you started...
  3. I kind of like the black ones with the gold hardware, but they seem a little pricey for a basic leather bag.
  4. You start a thread about this almost every day, have you considered just using one thread for all these questions?
  5. ^that would be a good idea...maybe like have it called "let me know what you think about this bag" thread
  6. I like Swanky's suggestion ;)

    SW makes some gorgeous, high quality bags but the ones you linked to are a little boring IMO.
  7. ^the second one is okay to me.....

    but spiel, are you considering buying any of these or do you just want to ask others opinions on them?
  8. Not at all standout shapes and other general design elements.
  9. I actually really like the first one, simple and looks good quality :biggrin:
  10. Stuart Weitzman recently started licensing out his label for handbags. I am not sure if he is still doing some coordinates in house to go with his shoes or not but if you are thinking that these new bags are like those of days gone by, they are not. Different styles, different leathers, different factories.
  11. oh ouch!

    I'll stop posting my brain farts now!

  12. ^i don't think Swanky means anything, just that it'd be easier to keep track of your styles and what you do and do not end up liking. plus, i think the mods get a notification everytime someone posts a thread. i think
  13. I wasn't being mean, and we don't get notified each time a thread is posted.
    But we do when people report them.
    I was just pointing out that you have a lot of topics w/ pretty much identical topics, "love this or hate it".

    I only said something because YOU said "i wish you could delete a thread you started...
    I was suggesting that instead of needing to delete an entire thread, if you just used one thread for all these opinions you're asking for perhaps that would be better :shrugs: