Do You Like This Stella McCartney's Over sized Cardigan ?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I think it swallows Mary Kate, but I do love this cardigan.

    Mary Kate was spotted running around Manhattan and Selma was grocery shopping In LA

    What do you think ?
  2. I think she does oversized sweaters really well-I loved what she did for H&M,even-but MK is overwhlemed by it for sure!
  3. I love it and have been desperately looking for it!!!!:nuts: I missed it on netaporter recently they that color and navy. If you see it in NYC PM me Pradasmeadow, PLEASE!!!!
  4. I think the fact MK wore shorts, it ended up looking not so over whelming. I love her entire outfit. also, I think SB looks hot minus the butch cut.
  5. I like! Looks cozy and fashion-forward.
  6. Sure :yes:
  7. I'm not fond of it. It's a little bit much in my opinion.
  8. Oh! I adore it too? Do we know who its by?
  9. ^^ It's by Stella McCartney.:idea:
  10. Yes. sorry that question made me sound really stupid. I meant when? As in what season. Mind elsewhere, not concentrating!
  11. It's too much.
  12. i love it, it sort of reminds me of the oversized cardigan she did for h&m. i've worn that pretty much to death, i'd love to replace it with this :lol:
  13. I love the cardigan, where can you buy it? :confused1:

    can somewho please tell me what handbag Mary Jane is carrying i can see (i think) that it is Chanel but does anybody know which model.:confused1:
  14. Not really. I'm not into the oversized schlumpy stuff anymore, JMHO.
  15. i like it:yes::yes: