Do you like this Stella McCartney dress?

  1. i love it.. it was the first thing i wanted to see when I got the email. :nuts:
  2. But when I clicked on the link, the dress didn't look as good.... It looks great from the side though....

    I'm going to keep it in mind!
  3. not really a fan.....the front looks like a bat...and the back.....reminds me of black toliet paper.... BUT if you had the right body/style it could probably be pulled off nicely...I don't think these models works for the dress
  4. I think it looks more like an editoral dress ... I can't get away with that where I live....
  5. ITA.... the side view is the best view.... but its still worth trying on. I like that its unique.
  6. Definately editorial. :yes: What does it look like from the front?
  7. I like the dress, but it definitly wouldnt suit everyone!

    I couldnt wear it, I'm too short, but someone really tall and slender (like a model!) would look amazing in it!
  8. It's a very unique dress, it is the best from the side, but I think that you have to be very carefull that this dress makes you look bigger
  9. I think it's gorgeous! Wonder how it looks when you're not moving, however -- you might just look like a strange bat!
  10. Beautiful dress
  11. I love it!
  12. i love it! not sure where i'd wear it but i love it.
  13. ITA, love the sculptural aspect of it though.
  14. I like her simple dresses better. I'll wait till Lilo or any other star puts on the bat dress first.