Do you like this silver coffer?

  1. Thoughts? It's supposed to be the same soft leather as the other colors (not patent).

    I sort of wanted the cognac color so I could use it year-round.

    What do you think about silver for year-round? I'm in California and Hawai'i so it's not like we're all that strict on fashion rules.
    silver coffer.jpg
  2. I guess I'm a purist when it comes to the Coffer, but I really prefer it in the plain neutral nappa leather versions. It just seems like the metallics and exotic skins take away from the beauty of the bag.
  3. I have the silver prada gaufre bowler and I love it. :heart: I think silver would be better in hawaii than brown.
  4. i am not normally for metalic leather, but, nice!
  5. IMO the color and style don't bring out the best in each other. The metallic DOES NOT enhance the beauty of the bag (the ruching is lost because of the metallic color) and the style of the bag DOES NOT bring out the metallic color (color looks too muddled).
  6. it's gorgeous! For me personally, I'd snatch one up in black or brown, as it's too large for a metallic for me.

    So tempting, though!
  7. I like some metallic, but not the way it's looking on the coffer :push:
  8. I'm a HUGE fan of the Coffer, and of metallics generally (you should see my metallic Bbags and Spy). BUT.... I don't think the combination of Coffer and metallic is ideal. Part of the off the charts scrumptiousness of the Coffer is the pillowy quilting and the velvety soft leather. I think those will be lost with the metallic leather.
  9. i didn't think i would like it but there is another pic of the silver coffer hanged and it was slouching a bit, and it looked nice! i think if it can work on the gauffre it can work for the coffer...