Do You Like This Preppy Look ?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    This is not a look for me, or my husband.

    However my friend Holland just loves this look, she loves to see men do this with their sweaters too !

    How about you ? Do you like this preppy look ?
  2. on a girl yes, a guy, no
  3. Whoa! Thats a negative for me (male & female) :Push:
  4. I can't stress enough how much I hate the preppy look!!!
  5. No, I don't like the look for either.
  6. I don't like the preppy look very much.
  7. I think it kind of looks cute for boys. But emphasis on the term boys, men ought not to do it !
  8. Not on guy's. If I saw my husband dressed like that I'd die laughing:smile:
  9. On the right man and the right looks fine, but not for me or my hubby...that would be laughable!
  10. I think the preppy look is hard for most people to pull off. I've seen a few cute, young, blonde girls who can work it pretty well, but on most people it just comes off as frumpy.
  11. i like the preppy look a lot (the preppy look does well in the South), but i don't like the shoulder sweater.
  12. I dont think everyone can pull off the preppy look, but if a person is able to pull it off, I think it looks great. :biggrin:
  13. I like a guy to be preppy, but the sweater over the shoulders is a little too much.

    And I love Lilly Pulitzer for girls & mommies!
  14. on the right gal, sure, but not on Males.
    DH wants me to sport this look. . . haven't indulged him though! LOL!
  15. On girls yes...on guys...well maybe on the campus of Harvard or Princeton lol
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