Do you like this Paddy shoulder hobo in new "Roche" color??

  1. I can't decide if it is truly love:love: or not with this bag. I am undecided on the color and also if I like the regular medium paddy satchel better .... please help me decide, give your opinion on color, style, etc. Thank you so much fellow PFers!! Don't mind the Chihuahua being in the photos! She always is a camera hog!
    DSC00105.jpg DSC00103.jpg
  2. Sorry, here is the other pic, for some reason I am having camera "operator error" issues....
  3. Kristie,
    the bag looks good on you. i actually like this style myself, however, im bit short so it won't suite me. But on you, Its great!! hope you keep it!
  4. I'm sorry I'm not a fan...:sad:

    *me visualizing Kristie w/ regular Paddy....:yes: think I'd like it more than the hobo on you :yes:
  5. I think it's so cute!
  6. It looks great on you (and you look beautiful and chihuahua is so cute!) but I have to admit I also prefer regular satchel over this style. The colour looks pretty to me from the pictures but havent had chance to see it irl yet:rolleyes:
  7. Kristie I love this style - it is just so different to the normal paddy and you dont see a lot of them around. I myself want one of them and are currently looking. Good luck with your decision - let us know what you decide.
  8. I like it, a bit....but i'm wondering, do you have anything in the bag in the above picture...?
    To me, it looks a bit empty...and doesn't seem to hang right. The colour is nice though and it looks good on you, size wise.:smile:
  9. I have this one in the black and I just made extra holes on the very ends of the straps so I can wear it messenger style and now its prefect!
  10. I like the style and color, but my opinion doesn't matter. If you have even the slightest bit of doubt, take it back. You should only get things you truly love for the prices we pay for handbags.
  11. I agree w/ E. IMO, I like the style, but I don't like the color w/ this style.
  12. Thanks everyone for the help so far! Yes, the bag is empty in the picture...I originally had it stuffed with papers from being on my closet shelf, but it looked REALLY wierd on then ;) I am still debating...Does anyone know what the new pinkish silver color is called??
  13. I think if you don't truly love it, take it back and get your satchel.
  14. i was so excited to see your post! i have this style in chocolate and love it and am hoping to also fall in love with roche because of the silver hardware (i haven't haven't seen it in person yet). anyway i really think it looks great on you. can you keep it for a week or so and experiment a bit? and then if you're still unsure you'll know it's not for you...
  15. i think it's galet? (pinkish color)