Do you like this one?

  1. I saw this Coach Hamptons at Nordstroms and its kinda growing on me. Im not sure if i want to get it, but the color keepd drawing my attention. Should i get it? help please!:shrugs: Click on the attachment to see the one i like. HELP!!!!
    i like this 1.jpg
  2. i personally don't like the new hamptons stripe stuff...but that's just preference.
  3. too much going on i like the leather one better
  4. i like it but not love it .
  5. Its o.k.
  6. I am not a fan of the bags with the mini sig stripe down the middle. It just looks too odd.
  7. Pursefreak25
    I see you are in Fort Worth, was this at the Nordstroms at NE mall ? Do they have a good selection ? I am thinking over going over there this weekend.
  8. I am really not a fan of the new stuff, but if you love it get it!
  9. I like it, I think its cute.
  10. NMS, but if you love it, get it!
  11. hmmm....not really loving it......but again if you like it get it!!!!
  12. I actually really like this one. I think it's a cute style. I LOVE the wristlet they have to match it:


    I just love the colors. :smile:
  13. I have to agree..Too busy for me...But get what you love! :heart: Emmy
  14. I like that in the satchel type bag. But I don't love it enough to get it.
  15. It`s OK, however you cant really wear it with many outfits and I have a strange feeling we will see this bag in an outlet.