Do you like this new Plum (!) 'Oui' bag?

  1. I had NM send me this bag, but at first I thought I was getting the 'Lui', so I'm not sure if I like this one! I have to say that plum is the prettiest grape color, not at all what I expected. I was pleasantly surprised! What do you think?:flowers:
    Photo 3.jpg Photo 4.jpg
  2. oo i realliy like it. i love purple.
  3. I LOVE the color of that bag -- It's stunning!
    Not too crazy about the style, though.

    I actually just saw this bag in More mag and they described it as a cross-body Messenger bag. The strap actually looks too short to be carried across the body, but the body of the bag does look like a Messenger style (that longer, flatter shape) -- I also don't like that belt/strap that ties in front. It looks kinda awkward (like the belt buckle broke so you had to tie it)

    I dunno, maybe if the bag were shaped differently I'd like it, but I have to saw I'm not that crazy about it :tdown: - the color tho TDF!!!:drool: :tup:
  4. Absolutely FAB! I love this bag. Looks pretty on you too.
  5. I saw this bag last week at NM's and fell in love - it looks great on you!!
  6. Actually I'm wearing it crossbody in the second picture, and I am size 12-14, so it would hang a lot longer on those of you who are smaller.:p
    I like the body of the bag a lot, but I'm not sure about the strap. hmmmm
  7. Please don't allow the comments to dissuade your love of the bag or take your joy away. Not all bags are for everybody, but I think that it's a keeper! :tup:
  8. That color is GORGE
  9. i really love this color...i like all things purple and this style, like the bruna is really something i like....i think now that i have two stams...i don't need any more...i want a shoulder bag with a long strap now and an all leather bag....i'll keep this one in's gorgeous....just a il snug one me for a crossbody i'm sure
  10. i don't really like the style, but the color is great! and it looks fantastic on you! let us know whether or not you end up keeping it. i wonder what other bags are available in plum. will the stam be this color? that would tdf!
  11. ^^ plum and berry stams. cute and colorful for summer :biggrin:
  12. OMG! A stam in this color! wowie! But this bag is so much lighter weight!
    Thank you everyone for the nice comments!
  13. I LOVE the color! The shape looks cute on you too:heart:.
  14. Love this color and general style. I prefer the bag that zips and has two handles. Very similar. I saw these bags in San Francisco this weekend. Super pretty. I saw the Stam in this color. It was a beauty!! Definitely a grape shade. I think this color is going to be popular.
  15. Lovely color--enjoy!!