Do you like this new Kooba?

  1. [​IMG]
    What do you think of this bag? I wonder if it would be heavy or hard to take care of. I think the $615 makes me pause. Please help!!! Would love your opinions!!!
  2. I love it! I want one in the luggage color :yes:
  3. I like it a lot!
  4. Love it. Saw it IRL at Nordstrom's this weekend. Just got the Avery from this line. You can always use a code and get the bag from Active Endeavors or another online boutique. :shame: Not trying to be an enabler, but ...
  5. Surly, what's the code? This bag is gorgeous!
  6. WOO is what i said when the pic loaded from this thread. wow...i was never a big fan of Kooba (sorry Kooba lovers) previous seasons, but this season, first the Elisha and now this!? i am totally loving it!
  7. Like it :yes:
  8. I like it!
  9. I like it but would have to get a darker colour if it was for me!
  10. First thing that came to my mind was WOW (with eyes wide open) when I saw the pic... Totally gorgeous!!! Def. the style I like... Now I gotta look it up... What other colors do they have?
  11. It's yummy :smile:
  12. I like it! It looks kinda like a Miu Miu bow bag, but it's a lot more affordable!
  13. very pretty! I love it!
  14. So pretty! Especially in that color. I wonder if the handles can sit on the shoulders.