Do you like this NAVY bay?

  1. I am considering buying this bag... i :heart: NAVY and i would appreciate any opinions. I am trying to decide between the navy and the elephant.
    The second pic is courtesy of sacoche Bahrain.
    chloe-bay-navy_lg.jpg image027.jpg
  2. Elephant is TDF. Wow. :drool::drool::drool:
  3. The Navy looks too close to black. I would go with the elephant, it's such a gorgeous color!!!
  4. I like the NAVY! The elephant is more of a "safe" color, I'm sure you have "safe" handbags.
  5. Tough call abi! I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Both would work fabulously with jeans and are pretty much basic colors. If you twisted my arm I guess I would say "elephant"!
  6. They are both gorgoues so I would say it depends on what you already have in your collection now and what you need more!
  7. I've seen the Navy Bay IRL, and it was very pretty. It's so hard to find a good Navy bag. I say go for it!!!!!
  8. It was the elephant that first caught my eye and the color would be wonderful for fall (look at me...we don't even HAVE fall in dubai:shrugs:) but when i saw the navy, i felt like it's the one i really want because i don't have a black bag (CAN YOU IMAGINE??!!) and i thought i'd use the navy as my version of black...i dunno...but then again i can use the same reasoning for the elephant which looks WONDERFUL too!:hrmm: ahhh..decisions,decisions! Thanks for all the feedback ladies! I will keep you updated on what i decide to buy.:heart:Appreciate all the opinions coming my way!
  9. I saw the navy irl too. Love the navy:heart::heart:
  10. They are both gorgeous colours, although I think i like the elephant slightly more.
  11. It's so hard to find a good-looking navy & I think that particular navy could serve as your "basic black!"

    Let us know what you decide :smile: You can't go wrong!!!
  12. Go for navy, it looks really yummy and seems to be the one you love! :tup:

    I dont own either any black handbag, but I'd love to have a navy coloured bag!
  13. I :heart: the elephant. great for fall imo even if you don't really have fall.
  14. Both are great colors. I have a navy and it doesn't look black. Both will go with everything. If you already have more neutral colored bags go with the navy.
  15. love the navy :heart: