Do you like this LAMB?

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    I got this LAMB Lucca 50% off and am trying to decide if I should keep it. Originally $725. The leather is smooth as silk!! The front overlapping tab is magnetic, And you should see this neat clip thing that the zipper pull in the 2nd picture snaps into. The hardware is very high quality and you should see how much room there is in this baby! Please give all honest opinions on this purse. These pics are borrowed from eBay but mine looks just like it.
  2. I think that purse is darling, however the only thing really keeping me from purchasing a LAMB bag is that most of them are gorgeous but so darn heaaavy! I am a Gwen Stefani addict and have almost all of the LAMB LeSportsac purses but I have yet to purchase anything from her new line because of the weight and the clunky hardware.
    I'm just giving you my honest opinion here. If you think you will get good 'cost per wear' use out of it, then it is a good purchase. If you only think you will carry it once in a while--then it's time to rethink. It's totally up to you, but I think I would rather use the money towards another Chloe perhaps or a Vuitton... JMHO!! Good luck!

    Also wanted to add, that I think that flap portion is going to get awfully dirty and banged up over time. I don't think it was wise of her to use white for a part of the bag that will be touched a lot...
  3. This one is light as air.
  4. I don't own a lamb bag yet, but that lovely. And you scored an awesome deal.
  5. Ok...well, that sways my vote more towards the 'keep' end then I suppose :graucho:. I'm all for light bags since I am only 5'2"! But the white flap still bugs me a bit. If it just had the plain zipper like the LV Alma I would love it more. I'm just thinking of it in the 'long run'.
  6. The flap is actually useful because if you don't want to zip the bag up each time you use it, you can just secure it with the magnetic flap. As much as I like sticking the zipper pull into the cool latch, it is a pain for me to have to zip up my bags every time I get into them - I am constantly getting my lipgloss like several times an hour.

  7. I am huge fan of LAMB bags, but to be honest I don't like the color combo on this one. The orange seems to me to kind of clash. That's just my personal color preference though. I really love the shape, details, etc. Everything except the orange color.
  8. Sounds like you've already made up your mind!!!

    I know what the ladies in the L.A.M.B. thread would say!!

    Honestly, Gwen's bags don't do anything for me. But then, that's the beauty of having different taste.

    If you LOVE it, keep it. Just because you got a "deal" doesn't mean it's a keeper. You gotta La La La LOVE it!!!
  9. Love it! I have the same color combo in a satchel and it is one of my favorite bags. When I saw it online, I wasn't so crazy about it. In person, the colors look awesome. It's not really a true orange, but kind of a caramel/mustard/orange...that sounds weird, but it looks great and it really does match with a suprising amount of things. The leather on this line of bags is the softest leather I have ever felt. Keep this bag!
  10. I love it!
  11. I'm a huge LAMB fan and own several bags. I think it's a great bag and it sounds like you really like it so you should keep it!!! I agree the LAMB style is not for everyone but I can tell you I do not think you will regret this purchase. Congrats, and come post your beauty in our LAMB thread. We've got almost 200 pages!
  12. Just take a look at my LAMB collection and I think you'll see what my answer is going to be! ;) KEEPER!!!!
  13. I'm having the same dilema.

    I ordered one on sale from Nordstroms the other day in silver. I loved the color and had to have it, but now I'm not so sure if the shape of the bag is me.

    It's been sitting in it's box for the past few days and I can't decide what to do.
  14. It's kinda cute, but not my style. If it makes you happy then keep it, then again, if you are in doubt, return it!
  15. i think the bag looks very chic and sophisticated.. i think it can go with any business outfit or cute outfit out