Do you like this jacket?

  1. I bought this jacket but I want to know if you think the chain detail and the tweed trim will go out of style quickly or could I wear it for a while?

  2. I think it's really cute. It's hard to see the detail from the pictures, but from what I can tell I really like it. I think it would look great with a dress / skirt or a pair of jeans.
  3. wow! i love that one..where did you get this one?
  4. It is BCBG Max Azaria but it is from their Chanel inspired line. They have some amazing purses & shoes too!
  5. I like it..would look great with the Chanel chain don't you think? :tup:

    How much was this if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I like it! It's so cute and unique!
  7. I definitely love that jacket. But, I do personally think the details might tend toward trendy/current and not classic. But then again, if it fits well and you like it, you should rock it as long as you want.
  8. I got it for $258.00 but it is now on sale at for $180.
  9. Thanks fashion16!
  10. I love it!
  11. oh I like that! Tweed is timeless really - that's why Chanel uses it forever.
  12. I like it!!! I think it's a great twist on a classic.
  13. It's very cute!
  14. It looks great!