Do You Like This In Silver?

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  1. Okay, picture if you will this bag....NOT in green suede, but in SILVER. Are we loving it? :tup: Or not..... :tdown:
    It's large - about 21" across so that's kinda big, but it's not stiff....any thoughts?
    Do we hate silver? Love silver? Hate the style? Think it's hot?
    B5TA01A1011.jpg B5TA01A10112.jpg
  2. hmmm, that would be a little too much silver for me.... but i like it in the olive green
  3. Me too - olive green has a nice depth. Might be too "shiny" in silver!
  4. I'm not really feeling the silver, but i'm afraid i'm not crazy about the style of the beg either...
  5. I like the green but could not carry the silver.
  6. This bag was nice in the soft, drapey, thin, mossy colored nubuk but in the metallic it was not nearly as nice. It didnt take on the same shape. It folded in all the wrong places. Trust me , let this one go!
  7. and way too shiny, too! The metallics that are cool now are the more burnished ones. Tano has some amazing ones for fall in pewter, bronze and gold. But they are all more subdued. That bag in silver was like tinfoil, girl!
  8. Girl - you find me EVERYWHERE! (and it's so fun!!!):yahoo:
  9. Then you KNOW I'm up for pewter in the fall....I have a Kooba Lucy in Silver that sits and sits....I'm really over the Lucy style, and I'm not that into the grommets, but I'm too guilty for letting it go because once that baby's gone, it's GONE.
  10. Im your stalker! Email me for pics of the metallic bags next week if you are interested.
  11. I think it'd be too much in silver. It looks just fine to me in the olive green!

  12. I would actually prefer the olive green in the picture you provided of the bag - that's one awesome neutral colour!