do you like this frock?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I am not a dress-wearer:nogood:
    and my body type is diificult to dress which is exactly why I never wear them.
    I have big BBs and no waist. So everything makes me feel like a linebacker :P because I'm sort of boxy shaped. The good news is I have thin shapely legs, so a shorter dress is good for me.
    But I need something w/o a belt and not too fitted.
    We're going to Rome in a month and I'll need several dresses for this trip.
    I'm oddly drawn to this one but need some girlfriends true opinions on it.
    :tender:purty please?
  2. Hi S,

    I like the style cut, but not the design. Maybe a different colour?
  3. i love it...the style, length, and the pattern!!!:yes::yes:
  4. that's the only color.
    B/W is good for me so I don't have to bring too many shoes :Push:
    I'm reaching by enjoying teh pattern at all as I'd normally choose something much more subdued. I think a true Pucci print would cause the DH too much embarrasment.
    I thought it being b/w helped subdue the pattern?
  5. [​IMG]

    I like this one too
  6. ^^^ Do you have any others that you are looking at^^^^If so, would love to see...
  7. ^^That is adorable^^^ I love it!
  8. also, I refuse to wear tanks. . . :sad:
  9. I'm sure she's a good 6 inches taller than me, it would probably hit me at knee length unless I had it tailored. . .
  10. I LOVE the second one you posted. I am shaped similarly, as my shoulders are wider than I'd like and I do not look good in belted styles. I would fear the first dress simply because the straighter neckline accented in black might make you look even more broad across the shoulders/bust. The second dress softens the neckline more and the accents at the bottom of the sleeves work really well to make shoulders appear less prominent. It is a style that works very well for me.
  11. Why?:shrugs:
  12. not embracing my arms these days! LOL!
  13. I like both of those Swanky! Great for day & evening!
    I think when travelling it is great to stick to a colour theme, otherwise you end up with a zillion accessories! With those 2 dresses you just need one black bag & one pair of black sandals!
    Have a great trip! My son & g/f are going to Rome end of the month I am so jealous lol
  14. I hope NM has these dresses in stock Thurs :s
  15. thanks Roz!