Do You like this color?

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  1. 6AS181_th.jpg

    Should I get this bag? Do you think the color is too boring?:confused1:
  2. Hi Lynnie

    I think I saw that color today.... yes it's too boring:sad: :smile:
  3. HI, cannot say that I like it, sorry. I love ths bag in black, though.
  4. Thanks for ur feedback! It's on sale. Better to buy the color u want at the original price! :sad:
  5. I wouldn't buy one you don't love even if it is on sale. I haven't seen the bag but find with most of these really neutral colors they are much nicer IRL. The problem with intermix is that you can't return so you have to KNOW that you really like it....
  6. I like it, but it wouldn't be my first have to go with the colour you love.:yes:
  7. what color is that? I don't prefer that color on a betty, but I seen that color on the bay bag -- the leather was more distressed and it looked TDF on the bay.
  8. I actually quite like that colour on the Betty. I think it really brings out the details on the bag.
    But if you are not really in love with the colour or the bag I think you would be happier if you save the money and put them towards a bag you really love.
  9. Thanks Guys!!! I'll wait. And your'e right! Intermix is final sale so I would be sick if I was stuck with it and didn't like it:throwup:
  10. It looks like taupe and I think taupe is a great color, sorry I passed up a Paddy in that color.
  11. mmmm I never really liked the taupe except for the wallets 'cos they go with everything.
    The Betty bag is great though but I would rather pay full whack & get something that I am going to be happy with then buy a sale bag that I will only tolerate!
  12. I love the Betty style, and I too saw this one on the Intermix site, but I agree with others in that it is too boring a color. Keep looking at NM and BG, you never know, maybe another Betty will pop up.
  13. In fact it IS the color taupe and it's not borring at all ...

    I've got the Paddington in taupe and it goes perfectly with blue jeans and fall colors in your wardrobe :love:
  14. I got the betty in chamois....NM...u thinkI will like that better? Haven't received it yet, but again, I can always return it!!!! Any one seen the chamois? The black zippers seem to really stand out!