do you like this color green?

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  1. my obsession with the color green continues...

    don't worry, i can return it!!! but i had to bring it home and take photos to show you guys and ask what you thought!


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  2. I like it. Great piece for a pop of color without looking too bright.
  3. thanks!

    i'm returning it though. i have a green gryson and i need to be self controlled -- pout :sad:

    but i thought this was so cute... and i wanted to know if i was crazy and green-obsessed!

  4. I think it's gorgeous. Very neutral shade of green.
  5. I like it!
  6. Yes I like it. I used to be into green, but I get bored of color soon, so it is never a wise choice for me.
  7. yep me like it too, but you're returning it anyway...
  8. return.......
  9. I'm neutral about it; I like dark greens like jungle green or olive (but not so muddy) green.
  10. I actually think the colour/shape is nicer than the Gryson :hrmm:
  11. Great color for fall and this bag can be easily transitioned into spring.
  12. Beatiful color, but I think it is hard to go with outfits.
  13. It will be at Loehmanns in NYC tonite if anybody wants it :smile: