Do you like this collection??

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  1. Do you like this collection i fond it and its a little small tho and dosent have top top brand but some what of a starter collection and the kate spadebag and key chanin is for sale im saving up for a trip to see my mom in mississippi
  2. it is very nice.
  3. where is the key chain.
  4. i would be intrested.
  5. how old is the kate spade bag.
  6. Are you asking if anyone is interested in buying it? Or what we think of it?
  7. I think only the kate spade and key chain are for sale. Lovely collection overall:smile:
  8. I'm just inquiring as we have criteria to sell here.
  9. what do you mean.
  10. are you offering items to sell? Or are you asking for opinions on your collection.
  11. i am selling them. Dont be a grump.
  12. Oh oh.. Jenniferm, you don't meet the criteria for posting things for sale here in the Purse Forum.
  13. Whats up with you and your hostile choice of words? :hrmm: :Push:
  14. jenniferm, you need to read the same rules EVERYONE else has to read. You are NOT eligible to sell at tPF yet.
    Please wait until you meet our criteria.

    Sorry I'm a "grump" but you can talk to Vlad or Megs about THEIR rules.
  15. Please take note of the Forum Rules that apply to all members.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.