Do you like this Bottega?

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  1. I need help in buying my first Bottega, what do you guys think about this one? Let me know your thoughts. I love classy handbags. Just not sure how crazy I am about this one. :confused1:
  2. For me, the weaving of the leather is the signature for BV and really what I wanted in my first BV. I like this bag, but I am not sure it even reminds me of BV very much. Good luck on your quest! Hopefully we can help :smile:
  3. FYI: they still have on sale at Jills

    It's probably not my favorite of the BV bags, but I like the slouchy ones, with less construction to them.
  4. I love the bags with the woven leather personally so this would not be my first choice.
  5. Same here--I am attracted to the casual styles.
  6. This was also told to me by a stranger when I was shopping for my first BV! She was buying a Cabat (so she must have great taste!)...... When I asked her for her opinion on some bags that I was trying on, she said "BV is all about the weave....!"

    I will go for one with at least some interwoven leather, actually, the more the better for me!

    Having said this, I do like the style of the bag. I might probably buy this if it's from another brand, and it's price being much more affordable than a BV!
  7. ^^ Totally agree with mlbags.
  8. Agree with everyone, I would go for other BV bags.
  9. ITA, for me, BV is all about the weave.
  10. I would go for the more classic BV's...
  11. I prefer the woven leather too.

    As an aside that flap thing would kill me if I had to use that bag as an every day bag. Going in and out of there all the time - no way for me.

    Interesting blogpost about the intrecciato. However, BV did do a "logo" on their weave this year. I believe it was called "Tornado" or "Grafitti". It stemmed from their motto over the years "When all you needed was your initials." Or something like that.
  12. I agree BV is mainly about the intrecciato weave but not just any weave but buttery soft, intricate and hand-woven weave. And yes, others are jumping on the wagon but are these others applying the same quality of leather, the same amount of dedications and similar details? I do not think so. And yes, the intrecciato is also the trademark and sign of BV but I think it's unlikely to be coveted by people who are only out to show off status, as the masses can't tell the brand. Price is one factor but BV is truly for one who is into real quality and service.
  13. I agree with everybody, not too keen on this bag and would definitely recommend a classic.
  14. I think the flap on this one just looks too wide. The appearance of the bag is a classic one.
    I just feel until you build a tiny collection you should purchase some wovens first.