Do you like this Balenciaga?

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  1. Hi girls!!

    Do you like this handbag?
    I like good quality of leather but maybe too small...
    What do you think?
  2. The picture is so close up it is hard to gauge the size... do you have another picture?
  3. Yes I have more pictures but too many kb so it can´t be posted.
    It is like 8"wide and 5" high....more or less...
    I love small purses but i wear too much stuff...
  4. Oh it's little, kind of the size of the makeup clutch? I think it's cute, leather looks nice, like the zipper pull.
  5. Sorry I still prefer the regular, mainstream City bags :smile:
  6. Me too :p
  7. I have never seen this style before.
    The leather looks nice and I love that zipper pull!
    Does it have any sort of strap/handle or is it a clutch?
  8. [​IMG]

    never seen this one in person.... i think it's cute, but i prefer the motorcycle line :yahoo:
  9. ITA

  10. It has a strap to wear it on the shoulder.
    I have some pics of bigger Balenciaga.They are from a popular store in Spain..would you like to see them?
    P1300042.JPG P1300041.JPG P1300040.JPG
  11. Sorry poor quality of photos.They are photos of my computer sreen.