Do you like this bag?

  1. 3A18E471-4CD9-4FA5-9516-85E968A51103.jpeg Brought it home today in gray. Not sure about it. Only had one other Prada. What do you think? Does the saffiano leather wear well? Thx
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  2. I like it, I have a gray saffiano bag (but different style) as well and I find it very durable :smile:
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  3. i like it and saffiano leather wears well but be careful for colour transfer
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  4. i love that!!:smile::smile:
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  5. Nice!
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  6. Why are you not sure about it? I like it.
  7. Is that an esplanade? I really like the shape.
  8. I like the style, but the logo is too big. For the right price I’d go for it.
  9. It’s lovely but I’m not a fan of the mat tone-on- tone Prada lettering
  10. I quite like this bag. For my first ever purchase I was deciding between this one in the nude or the double in black with red interior. I ended up getting the double as I walked in and it was love at first sight whilst this one was my second love!
  11. I love this bag! Congrats!
  12. Is this the Monochrome?
  13. I love it! The leather is very durable, I have a different style but it wears very well. Congratulations!