Do you like this bag?

  1. My birthday is next month, and it is high time I pick out a gift from the FH....I really want a pinkish bag, and I was wondering what you ladies thought of this leather bag in "raspberry"

  2. And stupid me....didn't post the pic...

    Here she is....

  3. I love the color so much *blinks* That is beautiful! I am not super crazy about the style (I wouldn't really go for handles + a strap together) but the color is simply divine.
  4. Thanks for the input!!!! :biggrin: I know, I fell in love with the color, too. I have been looking for a pinkish bag for SOOO LONG!
  5. Oh, what a cute bag! I love it!!! :yes:

    How did you ever find it?
  6. very very cute! I'm not crazzyyyy about the little buckle thing in the front, but it's not super bad or anything. Who makes this? :smile:
  7. yeah, sammydoll, that is what I was ify about too...the buckle
  8. she's cute. :heart: :heart: :heart: LOVE THE COLOR!!! Buy it.
  9. really love the color.
  10. I like the color and the design, but together I think they could potentially be a little much- KWIM?
  11. Thanks everyone!!!
  12. ooh what a cute bag!
    and I love the colour!

    The style is a little iffy for me though.. the handles look too small - so I am guessing you will use is as a shoulder bag...... but I like the cute round shape...

    Arrg so many conflicting thoughts!
  13. ^^^lol...I know...
  14. Fantastic bag