Do you like this bag?

  1. I thought this was cute and great price... WAS $169.00... IS $32.99! I think I might just have to buy it! :graucho:
  2. BTW, it is by Prague
  3. I would buy it for $32.99 but not for $169! Very cute though!!
  4. Anyone? :sad: I thought it would look really cute on!
  5. I think its a nice looking bag, wouldn't mind seeing some better pics of it.
  6. Is it leather?

    I am very mindful about bags on chains because the chains either make the bag really heavy or the chains break off.

    But all and all - it looks like a cute going-out bag for dinners and parites and such!
  7. Love, love, love it!!!!!! SOOOO cute!!!! Where did you find it?
  8. I found it at and yes, it is leather, but it's not a very large size, so I think it should be fine. It just seemed like a fun bag to use once in a while :smile:
  9. looks good to me!
  10. For $32? That's a great deal, its way cute, I'd get it.
  11. Yeah, you should get it: it's really cute!
  12. For $32 i would get it, it's quite cute
  13. its a cute bag, get it !
  14. I like the chain strap.
  15. great deal, and very fun bag