do you like this bag?

  1. I think I really want it.
    MJmia.jpg MJmia2.jpg
  2. Different strokes for different folks, but I think the purple fabric being paired up with brown detailing looks kind of "off" to me.
    I have to be honest because I respect the concept of a good handbag too much to lie when I see one I don't like.
    Personally, I think it looks kind of "pimp-like."
    I think you could do better!
  3. I don't know your taste in bags, but personally, I might wear it once. Interesting, though.....
  4. That's a Marc Jacobs (not M by MJ) so the original price was high I'm sure. It's not my taste but I bet in real life it's pretty.
  5. it's an interesting bag, i like the colours and materials but i don't really into the very long handles :p

  6. I dunno, I kinda like something about it...maybe for a fun evening bag? def. not an everyday bag
  7. I think its fun :smile:
  8. The handles don't seem to match the rest of the bag. Not keen but I guess with the right outfit could look stunning!
  9. It's not for me, but it would turn heads and could be stunning on the right person who is probably you!
  10. I feel the purple throws it off as well. It's trying to be an everday bag with the thick straps and an evening bag with the satin/silk part....
  11. Not my taste but if you love it go for it. :yes:
  12. If you absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it, then it is for you.

    Personally, I would save the money and go with a bag that is to die for instead.
  13. it's okay, pretty colors
  14. Thanks - I wasn't really sure so I slept on it. I am a purple person and don't have any purple bags and I liked the fact that it different, but I'll keep looking :smile: I really want a purple bag!
  15. Love the color, but the straps just don't go with the rest of the bag.