Do you like these?

  1. I think they are cute and would go well even with jeans-what do you think?[​IMG]
  2. I think they're cute, they're good staple black pumps I think.
  3. These are actuallly a deep chocolate brown-they don't have black in my size. Do you still them Swankster? :biggrin:
  4. Very cute! I would buy them!
  5. Ooh I like - get them:yes:
  6. cute! i like them. they look very wearable!
  7. Those are cute and would definately go with jeans!
  8. cute! buy them!
  9. they'll look nice w/ jeans....
  10. Denise, great choice! Agree with everyone, I like them! =)
  11. i like them!
  12. I like them a lot. You could still wear that color w/ jeans, brown dress pants...etc.
  13. I really like those, very versatile!
  14. they must be very versatile, and i'm loving the colour!