do you like these?

  1. these are by a dutch designer calles Judith Osborn, the collection is for sale in Sacha Shoes.
    The collection is called "heels to go".

    I'm thinking of getting this pair...

    do you like them... it's a bad photo but still!
  2. i like the concept, but i don't know if i'd actually like them on my foot.
  3. they look comfy
  4. I love the design of the shoes. I'm not so sure about the gold beads. They look a bit like an afterthought.
  5. I really like them!
  6. There "OK" , but not my style.
  7. I'm not a fan
  8. well I went christmas shopping today and they were on sale for..... 20 euros!!!!!!

    down from 100 or something like that...

    Now that's what I call a discount!!

    I got them! will post pics of me wearing them later!!!!!!!!!!