do you like these wristlet?

  1. it's from THE SAK. what do you think? it's on sale at macy's for 33 bux
  2. pretty cute!
  3. very cute!
  4. the heart with the quilty look is adorable!
  5. Really cute!
  6. Adorable!
  7. I think it's really cute!
  8. It's lovely!
  9. Yes, it is very cute. :yes:
  10. cute! white is in right now!!
  11. very cute! I like!
  12. I love it...I have a black quilted handbag from the Sak Pink Collection, and it is a very good quality bag.
  13. I really like it and what a great price!
  14. I saw these at Macy's. They're cute. I think they would be great for evening.
  15. cute! i like the heart