Do you like these shoes????

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  1. theyre ok...not for me...but i couldn't pull them off. if you could pull them off theyd look cute with the right outfits.
  2. I love the gray color but even from the picture the suede looks really low quality.
  3. ^ agree, looks low quality. I have 2 JS shoes and they don't hold up well.
  4. Like others said the suede isnt the best, but I really like the shoe. If you dont plan on wearing them too often, I say go for them!
  5. I really like the. They would look amazing with some skinny jeans
  6. this should be in the glass slipper forum, but yes i like the shoe- i have one similar with an open toe that's leather that i wear with skinnies. love them
  7. I like them.
  8. ^ me too!
  9. i like the black ones!
  10. They're cute but her shoes aren't too great quality and they aren't comfortable at all for me!
  11. I'm not a fan of suede shoes, so I'd have to pass.