Do You Like These Pucci Dresses ?

  1. [​IMG]
    Evidently these celebs do !
  2. More pucci
  3. I love the first one, the second one IMO would be harder to wear, but it is nice ;)
  4. I LOVE them both...if they were about an inch longer I would wear both of them!!
  5. I honestly don't really like either.
  6. gimme gimme
  7. i like them especially with black tights and booties or stilettos.
  8. Can't say I like it too much....
  9. I love them but hate the price & they are hard to find in Canada :sad:
  10. the first one is adorable!!:love:
  11. Holts had Pucci last time I was there. It was stuck in with the vintage stuff on Bloor. They have renovated now though.
    Love both dresses.
  12. I now wanna change my name to Pucci Princess. Mods please put this into effect soon.