Do you like these prada shoes?

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  2. let me see if i can fix those pics.
  4. ick. i cant seem to do it!
  5. I would like them to HAVE them than to ever wear them..To me these are more of a collector's piece..
  6. what does the front of the shoe look like?
  8. #10 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009


    Hmm...they look very cute and if they're not too much more expensive than regular Prada shoes then YES!! I say get them!

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  9. luvh-
    you are the best! thanks so much for the help with the pics!
  10. does $198 sound reasonable?
  11. Love them ! For that price I wouldnt wait one second to grab them :heart::yes:
  12. good, yeah! i bought them! ill post pics when i get them!
  13. $198?! That's a gorgeous pair and the price is more than reasonable! I love Prada shoes... believe it or not, some of my most comfortable heels are Prada. Can't wait for modeling pics. Congrats!