Do you like these Louboutins?

  1. Those are hot.
  2. They are great, I would check with Neiman Marcus and Saks, unless they are discontinued styles I think you could buy them retail for that price. Just a suggestion.
  3. :love:
  4. I think I like the "regular" 5" heel Pigalles more. That is one of the cutest platforms I've seen but I still think the standard pump style looks best.
  5. Wow is that a rhetorical question? Here's another one for you - what's not to like?!
  6. hot!hot!hot!
  7. Gorgeous...:love::drool:
  8. Wow Hot!
  9. Those are gorgeous!!
  10. hot to death!
  11. Yes
  12. :drool:

    i want!
  13. :heart:
  14. :yes: