Do you like them scruffy?

  1. I know that women tend to develop somewhat of a beard fetish when it comes to their guys... do you like 'em scruffy, fully enclosed in a thick beard or smoothly shaven 24/7?

  2. No beard fetish for me, imo beard is strictly for Santa Claus!;)
  3. Same here, I like a clean shaven man . :o)
  4. I like him either way, although his "beard" is more like a 2-day growth that's kinda cute.
  5. I kinda like either. Guys with a little bit of a stubble, not a full-blown beard - good look for a weekend. Don't like to see guys in suits sporting this look though - then it's clean shaven for me.
  6. Clean shaven or 3 days stubble, max.
  7. my hubby is always scruffy. I :heart: it. Never a full blown beard, though.
  8. Clean shaven for the most part. Although I do find a little goatee can be very sexy sometimes.
  9. I prefer clean shaven, but up to 3 days stubble is nice, too :amuse:
  10. If I had it my way my DH would be 24/7 smooth! I can handle a few days stubble though.
  11. CLEAN SHAVEN......otherwise.....ouch!
  12. five o'clock shadow .... very sexy!
  13. Guess I'll be the freak - I love a beard. Full-blown, stubble, whatever - I just love facial hair! :love:
  14. Clean Shaven!!!
  15. Clean shaven,he is allowed to rebel once in awhile and miss a day.