Do you like the Zippy style ??

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  1. I'm thinking of buying this kind of Paddy... because i've already the regulare satchel in dark grey and ivory.. a loaf tan is on my way ...and a Edith in Whisky

  2. I didnt think I would until I saw it in person. I love it! But in the smaller size, not the large one.
  3. I think is the smaller size...
  4. l_b, the smaller zippy is a really cute bag, and I really like it in mousse from your pic!
  5. I have it in chocolate and just :love: :love: :love: it!
  6. I always liked the zippy style. And the mousse, gorgeous!
  7. I saw the mousse zippy IRL and almost lost consiousness, it was so beautiful.
  8. I love the zippy style!!
    Go for it...
  9. Not a big fan of the zippy myself but I do like the mousse colour! And wow, l_b, you are quite the Chloe girl!!!
  10. The Zippy is great! I have it in anthracite!
  11. I prefer the regular satchel, but the zippy seems really practical ... and the color is tdf!
  12. Thank you ladies!
  13. I think i'm going to buy it.. it is really beautiful!
  14. I like it, i think it would be a great addition to your chloe fam. I prefer the smaller size, the large one is way TOO BIG!
  15. I think the medium Zippy is really cute, but the large is way too big and wide.
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