do you like the sweet alhambra or the vintage alhambra necklace better?

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  1. is the size difference drastic between the sweet alhambra and the vintage alhambra?
  2. which alhambra necklace do you like better?

  3. I like the bigger one.

  4. I had the same dilemma a year ago deciding between the sweet YG MOP and vintage size. I went with the vintage size as after trying on a number of times I realised I preferred the vintage size over the small if you are going to wear it on its own. I think the sweet looks better stacked with other necklaces/pendants but the simplicity of Alhambra for me means I just like to wear it alone. I've worn mine every day since I bought it and love it!
  5. thanks for your input!
  6. Vintage Alhambra
  7. I called VCA awhile back for the exact question. The sweet alhambra motif is 9.9mm. Vintage is 14.9mm.
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  8. wow that's a major difference. thanks for your help!
  9. I was just looking into this! Thanks for the thread.. I was just going to buy online, will the pendant come with the chain already, or is that sold separately?


  10. It comes with the chain already
  11. Vintage. I think the sweet looks better worn with another piece while the vintage can "stand alone"
  12. thank you!!
  13. Vintage looks better
  14. The vintage. I had the same dilemma. I bought the sweet but after a few days I went to Exchange it for the vintage. Also considering the price i think investing in the vintage is wiser
  15. Definitely vintage size if you want to wear alone. IMO, sweets look better if layered but aren't very substantial on their own