Do you like the small bow bag? Opinions please.

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Opinions on the small Bow Bag

  1. I really like this bag! Buy it!

  2. I don't like the bag!

  3. I would get something else.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been thinking about this bag since the pics were first posted. I like the small one the best from pictures. I was told that it is approximately 16" across, so it is big enough to hold the essentials. Does anyone have a modeling pic of the small one? I'd love to see it. :love: And I would love to hear your opinions on this bag. I was thinking about purchasing one, but I want to be sure. Go ahead & let me know what you think about it. I have never seen one in person. Thanks alot. Here is a pic of the two together:

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  2. I saw this bag in person at Saks...pretty sure it was the larger one. I think it is really cute, but I worry about the opening on the bag, having to lift the middle flap to get into the bag and the bag falling over due to the shape of the bottom. If money was no object I prob would buy this time, I am trying to make practical purchases. I think the small one is super cute, a perfect evening bag. (Which is why it's not practical for me - I never go anywhere!)
  3. I think it's a beautiful bag. Maybe not a classic piece that is going to be wearable/in fashion all of the time, but lovely nevertheless. If you love it, and longevity/frequency of use isn't a factor, go for it-- besides, it's a Chanel, so it can always be passed down, and bows always swing in and out of fashion. :smile:
  4. Thanks Chanelbelle7. I forgot to add that I currently own 7 classic flaps & two 2.55 flaps. :rolleyes: I'm trying to get something different for a change. :lol:I think I'm covered in colors & different hardwares in the flaps. I am also thinking of the Rodeo Drive bag. I haven't seen it in person either. Please post pics of that one too. Thanks. When I showed my 17 yr. old daughter that one she said Noooooooooooooo. :roflmfao: Here is a pic of that one.

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  5. I saw the small one at my Saks store, it is adorable and surprisingly spacious, it is actually large enough for daywear as well. I would not wear it with formal wear but for a fun night in the town, yes. Minuses like chanelbelle7 I would worry that the shape may not stay perfectly bow shaped with the weight of items. I think finding items inside could be a little difficult. Def, try it on with your own items inside.

  6. The rodeo drive is to die for - on my list of 'must' purchase!!! Check out this version (thanks to theorangebox TPFr for the pic!):

  7. Thanks Anex. I really like the pictures of it. And my daughter likes it too. :yes: I was thinking that it would look cute with a crisp white shirt, jeans, & heels. I can also see it with a little black dress. I received a new NM small catelog today, & it is on page 4. The cost is $1695.
  8. I also like the Rodeo Drive better. It's perfect for every outfit, from jeans to a cute summer dress.
  9. Thanks MMMpurses. Wow! That's a beauty. :tup:
    I didn't think about finding things inside the bow & it getting lopsided. Good point. :okay:

    Does anyone have the small bow bag? I'd love to hear from you & hear pros & cons. Thanks.
  10. I personally love it, but I would never have a real nice occasion to go to where I could wear something like that! I prefer the small one. The big one just seems like 'too much' . I have yet to see them in person too. I've been thinking about getting the small one as well, but again, I doubt I would ever have anywhere to go with it!
  11. i think its a really cute bag for evenings!
  12. Im not a fan. Something about it reminds me of a bat.
  13. I would vote for Rodeo Drive! It is one of my fav bag for 08 collection! :yes: Bow bag may be too trendy IMO.
  14. I think it's a cute, fun bag that I would get if I have extra cash to spare. =)
  15. Thanks everyone! I was told that is is like a regular bag on the inside instead of forming the bow. Here is a modeling pic that I requested. What do ya'll think?

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