Do you like the signature stripe/reversible totes?

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  1. I can't make up my mind whether or not I want to get one. I already have a signature tote, but it's summery. The brown signature stripe would be perfect for the colder months, and actually, the straps fit over my shoulder better with a coat on! So it works out.

    But I'm not -crazy- about it... I want it, though! I want it because it's cute, and I need a large bag for the cold months= winter. I live in New England, so we have snow and all that, for what it's worth.

    So, I don't know... I liked it when I tried it on at Coach (actually, the Coach in Macys). The ONLY problem I have with it is how the C's line up on the sides! Does this bother anyone else? Don't you feel like that should be done a little differently? Maybe more lined up somehow?

    And... just curious who likes it, who doesn't and why, and just hear some opinions to help me make a decision. I also feel like why wait; will I really find another quality or designer bag I'll like this much? I'm only interested in the $200 range, and can get that one off eBay for about that much.

    So... just wondering what everyone thinks; it will help me make a decision. I'm a little stumped and eBay makes me feel rushed, haha.
  2. I think they are very nice bags, and they would be perfect for winter. I saw it in the store awhile back and the c's didn't bother me.
  3. I love, love, love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm saving up to buy one myself, but I want a black and silver one. Plus it sounds like your mind is already set. GO FOR IT!!!!!!! :yes:
  4. I think they are cute, but I don't like how it fastens at the top, not secure enough for me. I also need more pockets than the one. But I think if it works for you, go for it! I think the fabric would be perfect for any weather.
  5. Thanks so much you guys, I really appreciate hearing what others think of the bag because I am having a bit of a hard time deciding. I think I'll get it--

    One thing I'm wondering though, of course you can wear it on the shoulder, but is this a hand-hend bag, specifically? I read it along the way online that it was, probably in an auction, that it was hand held.

    I have a tote like it by Coach that's almost the same size and I always wear it on my shoulder, and it's also what I need.

    But I never considered it as a hand-held bag. Is that true? Just curious. I know that sounds really weird to ask, but I didn't know if that's what it was intended for; to be hand held.
  6. If it fits on your shoulder comfortably I wouldn't worry about. A must for me is having whatever bag I get fit on the shoulder.
  7. I just got the large one in the khaki/parchment combo and love it! I'll prolly use it with my leopard purseket, and use it more as a tote, especially for travel or weekend trips.

    And yes it fits on your shoulder comfortably too.
  8. i purchased the reversable tote in khaki w/ gold's beautiful and yes...fits great on your shoulder...i don't consider this bag to be a hand held bag.....its a great tote....i will not wear it inside out though....i don't care for the look once it;s turned inside out....
    good luck!!!
  9. I have a gold one and I love it. The reason I got it was because of the monogram. Its unique.
  10. I got the gold one recently. It's very nice but I'm not in love with it so I might trade it in for something else. :yes:
  11. I bought it! I found one on eBay and got the highest bid at $177.50, with a grand total of $189.70

    It says it's used, but with no signs of anything so we'll see about that. I've been watching these bags, haha. I knew I'd get a deal if I just held out a little longer, and with Halloween being tonight, people are probably too busy with that (regardless of it being a Tuesday!) So I swooped right on in and got it!