Do you like the saumur?

  1. I hadn't really liked mini lin before until now. I'm still unsure. Do you think this is a cute bag and worth the money ($990)? Anyone had any bad experiences with the mini lin?

  2. Personally I would prefer the monogram over the mini I don't own any mini lin pieces but the overall appearance is just too dark for my liking <sorry mini lin lovers>.
  3. Not my style. I am having a tough time getting into the mini lin.
  4. I have the Saumur in mono. It's one of my favorite bags. I'm not a big fan of the Mini Lin though.
  5. I actually held this bag on Saturday In the store and its beautiful. I would get it if you really like it. Mini Lin seems very durable and strong fabric so it should last some time. :smile:
  6. Not bad, I like it.
  7. I love it
    looks very practical
    but honetly I would buy it in mono canvas
  8. I'm not a fan of the Saumur, but it looks ok to me in Mini Lin...
  9. I like it.

  10. Likewise...
  11. I like this bag, but prefer the mono though..
  12. An SA made me try on the Saumur when I was mini lin hunting, and although the style is not for me, I definitely like it. It's got pockets and things galore, is comfy, and the perfect cross-body bag size in my opinion (not too small like Danube, not too large like a messenger). I prefer it in mini lin over the monogram though; it looks sleek. HTH.
  13. Just wanted to add that, in my opinion, mini lin is throw-around-able!! Very durable and you'll never have to worry about stains on vachetta or lighter colors. I've had no trouble with pilling or anything of that sort. The linen is also very pretty under light. Pictures do not do justice.
  14. I love the style and the line.

    the samur is effing gorgeous in minilin and in mono!
  15. i think that's the best mini lin bag (besides the speedy). i have been consdiering it for a while. i love the versatility- that it can be worn messenger style or as a shoulder bag. and i think it's very roomy. the only thing i don;t like is the gap you can sometimes see between the sides. that would bug me i think so i passed on it for the time being.

    but i adore mini lin and i think the bag is stunning,