Do you like the Saumur?

  1. It's a saddlebag, and I ride horses... I never see it posted on the forum; and I was wondering if anyone had it and liked it. I don't live near a boutique, so I'm not able to see the bags in person... let me know what you think?:idea:
  2. My coworker has one.. and I'm just really not a fan of it. It just seems like a very 80s style purse (sorry to anyone that owns one !!).
  3. Really? hmmm, thanks Ayla, I appreciate your opinion very much! I am sooo not into the 80's, ick. Sorry, but I didn't like that decade at all, lol....
  4. [​IMG]

    Here's a picture for those who haven't seen it before [like myself]

    I like the classic shape, but I don't see many occasions to use it..
  5. Thanks Margaritamix! I tried to get a pic off the LV website, but couldn't get it for some reason.... thanks so much for posting it! I don't get 80's, but like I said I haven't seen it in person and I so don't wanna go back there,,,, hehe...v.
  6. I think the buckle closure would drive me nuts! And I'd have to remember which side I put what where ... KWIM?
  7. I think this is the bag that has the same look on both sides?? A SA a long time ago steered me away from that because he said you never know which side was which and it gets annoying having to flip back and forth.

    What about the Tulum GM? That is kinda like a saddle bag?
  8. The picture from magaritaxmix is the bigger version.. i think you mean this one isn't it?
    I have this one and it's one of my fav bags.. perfect for days you don't want to hold a bag in your hand..
    I put my important stuff in the front pocket, so i can take it out easily..
  9. Cool! I'm really glad some people who have it like it, always having hand held drives me nuts, I have to walk a long way to my office... the saumur looks so functional and organizational. You could always leave the buckle undone for a girl on the go look... and I don't mind buckles, when you're dealing with horse tack alot, you get used to it... thanks everyone for posting!

    wow ipurse, that was a beautiful bag on eBay, the patina was excellent and no water marks, yummycheesy got a great deal and a great bag IMO.... thanks!
  10. I think the pic posted by magaritaxmis was meant to represent the one that you posted (and owned). I think, which I could be wrong, elux photoshopped the pic to fool those people who attempt to make fake bags.
  11. I don't think I would mind having the same look on both side. Besides, one has LVs right side up and the other side has LVs upside down.
  12. I'm not a fan of this bag..... IMO there really isn't anything too special about it. :shrugs: Not a fan of the shape or the buckles.
  13. i love the mini lin (ebene) version of the bag.
  14. It looks like a pretty excellent bag to me, just not my style. I tried a bag with internal pockets once and it drove me CRAZY, whatever I wanted was always in the other pocket. Now I just want my purses to be a big bin for my purseket. So while I think this and the Tulum look really beautiful, they're just not for me, unless I only kept stuff in one side.