Do you like the Pochette Cancun?

  1. I was thinking about getting this for going out and hands-free shopping. Any thoughts on this?

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Pochette Cancun

    Thanks so much! :tender:
  2. it's so cute! i've been going back and forth between this and the Pochette Tulum for a while now. i only wish it had the same twist-lock closure that the Tulum has.
  3. It's cute, but I prefer larger bags personally. If you're looking for something in the cross body, have you also looked at the tambourin ?
  4. Thanks so much yeuxhonnetes & ayla!
    I know, I like that twist-lock closure too!
    I'll take a look at the Tambourin, thanks!
  5. i tried it on last seems a bit too small although IMO it's really cute..i just don't like the closure though..i agree with yeuxhonnettes...the twist-n-lock will be waaaay better suited for this..
  6. I think it's really cute, but I've not seen one in person, so I don't know exactly what would fit in one.
  7. I think it's soooo cute! I saw one at the LV store last week. I'm considering returning my black multicolore bandana and exchanging it for the pochette cancun. It's small but just right if you only want to carry cash, cards and a phone. Think of it as a wapity with a cross body strap!

    If you are looking for cross body bags asides from the Tambourin, take a look at the Viva-Cite PM and the Musette Salsas too!
  8. It's cute, but waaaaay too small for my taste
  9. I prefer the pochette tulum which I find alot more interesting than the Cancun. I just don't really love the Cancun.