Do you like the noir Non quilted bay or Fendi Spy?


Noir Bay or Fendi Spy??

  1. Bay

  2. Spy

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  1. I cant decide between a noir non quilted bay or a fendi spy bag!!!! What is you opinion? Which one should i get??
  2. oooh gosh, its a toughie, I know you are in the Chloe forum, and I am usually a Chloe gal, but the non quilt bay is not one of my fave Chloe bags, its very simple, SO, gulp, I would have to say the Fendi Spy as its one of my fave bags of the moment, although I do think the bay has longevity as it does not look like a real one season bag :smile:

    Ofcourse the spy is a fair bit more expensive tho, but the bag rocks :biggrin:

    Its a nice decision to have to make, what colour Spy would you go for?
  3. I already have a blueberry, i was looking at a chocolate spy!? This decision is just too hard!! :confused1:
  4. ita w/ chloe-babe. I :heart: chloe, but the fendi spy is just insane :love:
  5. Such different bags and I have both myself............but if I had to pick my fav of the two then I would have to go with the Spy as well :push:

    But you have Spy already so maybe a Bay would be the better choice for you? :shrugs:

    Let us know what you decide :flowers:
  6. I like the bay bag better than spy!!
  7. I like both I agree with Balchlfen..

  8. Not a fan of the spy really, so I say the Bay. Though that's not my fav. Chloe either.
  9. Whitout a doubt:the Fendi Spy.It's an iconic and timeless Bag.
    You should find the Bay with a discounted price in a few months when you'll round the sales;)
  10. I really love the Bay, quilted and non quilted. I would have said the Spy but only before seeing the Bay in person. Once you try it on and feel it, it really is a unique, hot bag IMO.

    BUT, if you love teh Spy, as it sounds like you do, go for that and then pick up a bay later when they go on sale. You get the best of both worlds that way!
  11. Thank you all so much!! I think im going to go with Jag on this one.... get the spy now and the bay later. THAT WAY I GET BOTH, hehe.

    Oh and i do have another question????
    The baby spy handles, are they as big as the regular. So if need be can i whack the thing over my shoulder??

    Thanks again ladies:heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. hmm, not so keen on the baby spy (hey you keep moving the goalposts lol) if it was between the baby spy and the bay I would go bay ;)


    Here is a piccie of me holding mine when I first got it (you can see that the handles are small). I just didnt like the bag, I felt like I was carrying a rugby ball around :biggrin:, the regular spy is a million times better imo :yes:
  13. Thanks chloe-babe, i just saw one on e-bay in taupe and was just wondering what is was like!?!? But i think i will stick with the regular spy.
    Thanks again :upsidedown:
  14. ahh I know of course its your decision as its you who has to use the bag, but the baby is a blowfish style, so its quite solid and round, (not slouchy and soft like the spy bag, and it doesnt have any of the spy compartments that make the spy, well, the spy! :smile:
  15. I dislike Fendi in general and Spy in particular, and do like non-quilted bay, so I vote for bay.