Do you like the new White Onatah *PICS*

  1. This has shown up as an option on but you can't buy it yet.


    I think I'd prefer it if the strap was a different colour.
  2. Honestly, it's too white...
  3. I freakin LOVE it!! It looks so fun and summery to me! LOVE IT!
  4. Pretty, I think, they need to change the background so we can actually see the bag.
  5. omg i love it!!!! but is it suede or leather, if suede then its a no no!!! xx
  6. darling combo, but a bit too pale?
  7. It's leather
  8. it's ok. i may hav to see it in person to see if i really like it or not.
  9. Hot bag! I really like it. Label Addict, are you thinking about getting it?
  10. very summery but so easy to make dirty :sad:
  11. here's a close up pic
  12. When I heard white I really thought I'd like it but there's just something about the pic that doesn't make me :drool: BUT I'd have to see it IRL I didn't even like the onatah until I saw it in store NEVER say never with LV
  13. I think it's gorgeous but I have too many white bags already... boo! Oh well, looking forward to pics if someone purchases it! :smile:
  14. Thanks for posting the picture. It's also on the US LV site as a color option. It is a little whiter than I imagined but I'll have to see IRL. I've put myself on the wait list and will decide later if I'll keep it or not.
  15. I like it!!!!