Do you like the new Dooney and Bourke Zebra Line??

  1. I lke it I think its different But I wont were it with everything. I own many DB and I will try atleast 1 accesory from this line:yahoo:

  2. I do like the zebra with the red details! I agree that it does not go with everything but it can go with lots of things........:yes:
  3. I think it is a hot looking bag!
  4. I like it on the model but could never pull it off.
  5. on the model it looks great, i'd love the bag in that size AND leather (it looks slouchy and delish) lol... in another color perhaps? i just don't think i coudl pull off the zebra but BUT but some people can, and id love to see someone rockin that... and i'm not big on patterns like that at all... ya know, it looks big enough to be a weekend bag, and i'd use it for that!
  6. I saw the zebra bags in Nordstroms this weekend and I LOVE them. But I tend not to care if my bags match anything else on me so I would totally carry a zebra bag :wlae: . Actually, I like the bold bags better than the subdued ones!
  7. I haven't seen these yet, but from the picture, I would love it!
  8. *feels so drab* lol i just couldn't pull it off, my wardrobe would never allow it hehe....
    or would it? lol...
  9. What do you mean feels drab? That is a bold pattern!
    You could wear black or white and then throw that bag on and it would give your outfit some oomph! ;)

    I'm sure you could pull it off!
  10. maybeee... hehe

    perhaps i should be more adventurous!
  11. Don't have the clothes to pull it off.
  12. LOL! Oh! Totally misinterpreted that one!

    Oh! Pleazz! You drab! I highly doubt it! I've read some of your posts! You don't come across as drab.
  13. LOL i kinda thought you thought i was callin the bag drab, no no hehe, ME i'm DRAB lol....

    no i'm not drab, thats the wrong word, i am SAFE with the bags and clothing i wear lol... here is my WHOLE collection, and color wise, it totally behaves itself tehe... i need to expand color wise ;) :yes:

    zoom in to see pix better. from the top left to right:

    black gallery double pocket pouch, by coach.

    blonde bonnie, by kooba.

    khaki/gold gallery double pocket pouch, by coach.

    Middle row, left to right:

    quilted barrel bag, platinum and red, by dooney & bourke.

    platinum grey all-weather leather medium hobo, by dooney & bourke.

    Bottom row, left to right:

    black leather tote, by coach.

    red italian leather pelle studio satchel (don't know acctual style (satchel etc)) by Wilsons Leather.

    black leather rainbow hobo (with matching checkbook wallet not shown) by Wilsons Leather.

    Very Bottom:

    my roommate Jakes Messanger Bag (affectionately known as the murse... lol) silly gayman! i love it, bought it for him at the Wilsons Leather outlet in Cali. don't know the style name or whatever, but i know it retailed at 160 dollars :yes: hehe....

    moral of the story is, my colors are drab and boring... EEK, no one take my opinions into consideration, IM BORING LOL...
  14. i would get a smaller version of this bag if possible...i dont think i can pull of the large one
  15. I LOVE this bag with the red, course I'd want the matching wallet too!