Do you like the new Antigua colour?

  1. the LV site has been updated and shows most of the new bags including the new antigua colour I think it is so cute comes in pm and gm size
    new antigua.jpg
  2. I i would like it in the GM size, great for summer.
  3. I love it, but I have the same concern that I do for the Ivory Epi, Mini Lin would you keep it clean?? :sad:
  4. Oooo I like it. It looks like a great Spring / Summer bag
  5. I like it!!
  6. :yes: I do like it but I would be afraid to get it dirty.
  7. actually I have the ecru one with the brown handles and they hold up very well to dirt.

    the pochette plates are also available in this colour
  8. I LOVE it! Thanks for posting!
  9. I really like that! It looks ready for the beach-
  10. :nuts: so pretty!!!
  11. Finally! Something beachy to go with Azur...
  12. That is so cute.
  13. not sure...need to see it IRL.
  14. Cuuuuute ! But it does seem prone to dirt.
  15. Cute! Love the nautical touch!