Do You Like the Gioco Style?

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  1. I've been using my Spiaggia BV, which I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE, for about a week now and it's really easy to get into.

    Today, I switched over to my Pirata Gioco (so I can Scotchgard the Spiaggia) and I'm not quite sure if I'm gonna like the style. The pockets inside don't seem very accessible and the bag itself is kind of hard to get into when you're wearing it (I know a few have mentioned that you need to set the bag down)

    So I'm wondering..

    1) What are the pros of the gioco style as opposed to other styles i.e. the BV?

    2) What are the cons of the gioco style as opposed to other styles i.e. the BV?

    3) Print placement aside, would you prefer the gioco or the BV?
  2. I don't like the gioco's shape, it's unpractical and It doesn't look pretty on me :nogood:
  3. my bf said the gioco looks like you're carrying around a duffel bag :shrugs: so i haven't gotten one since I don't really care for it and my bf flat out doesn't like it :lol:

    I think there are some people who love the gioco because they're used to the style and like it but early on a lot of people didn't like how you had to set it down to open it or manuver it a certain way
  4. I had a Pirata Gioco but it was hard to use...I'm sending it to my cousin in Japan and I found a Pirata Bambino on sale instead at Up Against the Wall. I really like tote styles...Mamma Mia is my favorite! I haven't tried a BV yet but the tote style is alot easier to use in general.
  5. I honestly never liked this style. As soon as I saw this in Foresta print last year , I turned away and bought a campeggio instead. It just looks so hard to open the bag and you just have to put it back in the original shape or else it'd look funny.

    But guess what, I bought one a month ago. Spiaggia gioco, if it werent for the fact that it was $100, i'd never keep it. lol. The style looks good on me, its a nice shape, but its just hard to open the bag and you cant really put too much in there cuz it'd weight down the bag and wont look too good.

    I hope next year they'd come out with better styles. :P
  6. It took me a while but the gioco style really grew on me. I like it. It does look like a duffle tho and whenever I see myself in the mirror with it and my yoga jacket on I swear it looks like I'm headed to the gym ... lol but that's ok.

    It is hard to get stuff out but if you leave one strap on your shoulder and let the other strap fall ... you can get stuff out of the bag easily without having to set it down. I do agree tho with the inside pockets being inacessible. I try not to put much stuff in the inside pockets.

    I think a BV is wayyy to big for me so if I had to choose .. I'd choose the gioco.

    disclaimer: i love messenger bags tho so if it came down to a gioco or a campeggio ... I'd go with campeggio all the way ... :biggrin:
  7. Unfortunately, there is no "next year" for tokidoki....
  8. I love the gioco style. It fits a lot but it does not look huge on me.

    I agree with tokidokiangel, with gioco, it is easier to leave one strap on your shoulder and let the other strap fall to get stuffs out. As with the inside pocket. I never put anything there.
  9. It's all about preference with the Gioco, you either love it or hate it. I LOVE it!

    I swear!!!!!! The Gioco is always being talked about. Hahahahaha
  10. That's what I do too. It's really easy to get in and out of without setting it down that way. I do the same thing with my BV also. I like both the gioco and BV, so I am no help. They are just different look.
  11. The Gioco is my favorite. It is just the right size. I will post a pic later but It carries just enough stuff with out being too big or too small. It is like a small duffle bag but with a little more style I think.
  12. Thank you for everyone's input. I guess I'll carry it another couple days to see how I like it. For me, even though I only carried the BV a few days, it seemed a lot more user friendly to me. Ironically, originally I fell in love with the gioco based on looks and the BV not so much. I hear everyone talk about the mamma mia. How does that compare to the BV?
  13. i love my mamma mias - granted, i love my bvs too but the mms are just right for me
  14. more bags from Simone? i know lesportsac and tokidoki is parting, but i thought Simone was going to start doing it on his own? ok i am confused now. lol
  15. I think it's a wait and see kind of thing.. about the bags. There are TOKIDOKI bags out there that aren't by LeSportsac, but they aren't as appealing.. in my opinion.