do you like the faridah bags?

  1. i was thinking of getting the smudge print [​IMG] what do you think? too busy? too much?
  2. i really like this bag, but I knowI would only use it one THE MOST casual of, filling up the car with gas or swimming lessons for the kids ;)
    Still, I think it's a handy little thing.
  3. Aarti, The blue version of Faridah (carried by Sienna Miller & other celebs) is very popular, it's pretty much sold out. If you are looking for a less 'busy' Faridah, take a look at these neutral colors (Camel, Mauve, Khaki):
    Marc by Marc Jacobs - View All -
    With all the sales that've been going on lately, I would go with MJ's leather bags since Faridah is $300+.
  4. okay thanks for the suggestion!! will look into this tomorrow.
  5. has anyone seen the striped denim one anywhere? i have a friend thats looking for it

  6. the one sienna miller carries? i wish..
  7. I love it!
  8. yes! we arent having any luck finding one.
  9. what do you think og the red faridha bag? I'm thinking of ordering one...
  10. In case anyone is interested, the logo leather Faridah is on sale on Elux for $299. They have the blue and red. I like the red the best. :smile: