Do you like the Coach perfume?

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Do you like the smell of the Coach perfume?

  1. Yes! I love it!

  2. No. It stinks.

  3. I have not smelled it.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just wondering what everyone thinks of the Coach perfume. :smile:
  2. i like it :smile: it's fresh and spring/summery.. it reminds me of another perfume, but for the life of me i can't remember which! in fact, i'm wearing it today!
  3. I like it! It's the first perfume I've purchased in at least 5 years! It is a little strong when I first put it on but after an hour I *love* it!! I'm wearing it right now :tup:
  4. I DID like it till I started working at Coach. Now it's kind of annoying. I have to spray it all day and it gets all over me and eats off my nailpolish and I have to scrub to get the smell out and-- well, yeah. Overexposure I guess.
  5. It's ok. I wouldn't wear it, but it wouldn't annoy me if someone beside me was wearing it. kwim?
  6. I love it. I'm even wearing it right now lol.
  7. Its okay...I don't love it but I don't hate it. I don't think I'd buy it though.
  8. I think im the only one but it smelled kinda old to me. like wearing white diamonds LOL...I wear
    DKNY red delicious
    DKNY be delicious
    Issey miyake l" eau D Issey
  9. i'm not really a fan...
  10. I was disappointed b/c it's just a touch too floral for me. Of course, I tend to wear "unisex" fragrances - right now, it's jean paul gaultier's gaultier2 and I often revert back to CK One or CK Be. My dh wears Kenneth Cole Black which I absolutely LOVE - he catches me using it on myself all the time!
  11. Love it! It's a tie between this and my other favorite fragrance Juicy Couture.

    I can't wait for the body lotion!
  12. All perfumes make me gag. I can only wear food/fruit scented lotions from Bath & Body Works, CO Bigelow, Philosopy... I'm big on vanilla and lemon.
  13. It smelled nice, but as has been mentioned, it does smell a little old...maybe on some people it smells differently, (and i didn't actually spray myself, just the paper tester)....i think i need to try it out some more.
  14. i like it and voted that i love it, but you know what...i wouldn't buy it! i got so many free samples that i just use that.

    what bothers me is that I can't layer, and i don't like that there isn't more to the line. i like to have my scent be strong for more than just an hour or whatever. i need body wash, lotions, and sprays.

    i do think that it's good for a quick refresher, but too much of it is WAY too much.

    i also like the solid more than the spray.
  15. I received a lovely sample spray bottle in the mail from Coach before it was released in the stores. I thought it was nice but my DH hated it. That's a deal breaker!