Do you like the Campeggio?

  1. I just committed to an amore campeggio but wasn't convinced but had to commit. :confused1: I was thinking stellina vs. campeggio. Can you tell me if you like this style and what/how much you put in it? Whats it feel like when you carry it? Do you feel overloaded? Thanks!
  2. To answer your question further. When I need to pack my son's things as well. I put a couple of diapers, a wipe pack, pair of pants, a magazine, my wallet and sunglass case in it and it fit all of these items. The bag felt comfortable on.

    I have to go into work tomorrow so I'll be using it for the first time and I plan to carry a magazine, my notebook, lunch bag, wallet and sunglasses.

    I love the front pockets, too!

    P.S. I now want a stellina.
  3. As I posted in another thread in my opinion the campeggio is the stellina on steriods!!! :graucho:

    I feel that the stellina looks too small on me but it fits all my stuff perfectly. :shrugs: I love the little pockets in the front they seem so convenient! I say seem b/c I haven't used my stellina yet. :nuts:

    I'm pretty sure the campeggio can fit 2 stellinas inside of it. It's pretty big but it's a good bag for a day trip or if you need to carry a lot of stuff.

    Annie, how tall are you?
  4. I'm seriously considering a cuciolo. It's even bigger than a campeggio. I want to use it for my laptop and as an "all purpose" bag when I go to dog shows.

    I recently bought a Lexie Barnes bag (that I really love) that is almost the same size as the cuciolo (1 inch wider 1 inch shorter same depth) and it's perfect for what I use it for. That's why I'm considering the cuciolo over the campeggio.
  5. The cucciolo is a really good size. It's not as tall as the campeggio which makes it seem easier to get into and out of without having to dig too hard to get what you need. I think it's just a tad longer than the campeggio. I hope this makes sense!
  6. I think the campeggio is sized more like what you'd expect a messenger bag to be like...the stellina was actually smaller than I expected but good if you don't carry a lot of books, or use it for laptop- I would kinda say if carries almost the same amount - maybe a bit more than a zucca.
  7. I love the campeggio! I use it as a school bag and you can fit A LOT in there. I love all the pockets- there's the two in front, two zippered pockets inside, a zippered pocket outside, and a cell phone holder.
    I've even used it as an everyday bag even though it looks really big on me (I'm 5'2). I don't care though, it's Tokidoki and I carry my whole house with me. :yes:
  8. I love the size of the Campeggio but it looks really huge and bad on me. The Stellina looks better but at the same time I find it kind of small. That is why I like the Zucca. ;) I kind of wish they made a size between the Stellina and the Campeggio.
  9. TokiJeny- I'm 5'5. Will it dwarf me? I saw a couple of pictures of girls wearing it and they looked tiny or that bag looked big!
  10. Let me know what you think? Did it seem empty with that all stuff packed in it? I could live with that amount of stuff being toted around. I guess my concern will be trashing out a light based bag! I take that much stuff to the ball fields and to the pool...will I trash it out using it that way? Can you tell I love that print and I'm obsessing like I'll never get to buy another toki bag?:crybaby:
  11. I love the Campeggio! It is a big bag, so it's great if you have a lot of stuff to carry or if you travel with book(s).
  12. I'm 5' 6" and it looks great on me. I took it to work w/me today and it fit all my stuff, I still even had a little bit of room to fit some other things.

    I think it would be great for going to games. Except I don't know if you should be getting it in the amore if that is what you are going to use the bag for. Since the print is light you may end up getting it dirty.
  13. I like mine. I don't use it much, though, cuz I have a padded laptop backpack for my laptop usually. but it's a great size for overnights, or for a game, like blackwidow said. not great for everyday, IMO, unless you have a bunch of papers/stuff you need w/you at all times, and you use it as a work/baby bag too.
  14. You all have great information and I'm still unsure. I just saw a new pic of the baby bag in amore on lambfashionistas blog and it is so big that the pattern looks more "random" and on the picture of the stellina (which of course they displayed one with perfect flap print placement!) the pattern looks more specific to the bag....its not "overwhelming" with characters. Am I making any sense? Glad to hear the bag looks great on you BW! If I were to get crummy flaps on the stellina I'd be disgusted so...but I think Pulse would do their best not to let that happen. They said they'd send me phone photo first.

    Do you think this print looks better as a handbag than a messenger or big tote bag? What do you guys think? I've only ruled out the giocco because of the bad opinions. The zucca too much $$ and I think it would be as big as the campeggio from what everyone is saying and I think the messenger style works better for me with my functions. I already have 2 bella bellas...and it sounds like the stellina might be about the same size as those for holding stuff? Its just that this will probably be my favorite print of all and I REALLY WANT TO USE IT MORE THAN ANY OTHER BAG! I'm obsessing and need you girls to TELL me what to do! (Of course this is only if Pulse lets me switch it out at this point! Does anyone know if they allow that?)

  15. I got the amore in gioco. I"m thinking if I got the bag in another style I would get the stellina. I'm even thinking about a caramella too.

    I think a ciao would also look great. At least you wouldn't have to worry about the print placement being broken up on the pockets. Since you seem to be concerned about that.

    I have the campeggio in inferno so it works. I don't have to worry about print placement on the pockets. I think amore is one of those prints too where it doesn't matter as much since it is not a scene. Know what I mean?