Do you like the Bulga Slouched Shoulder Bag?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. It's on the I like the look and quality of it.
    I'm just not sure about the long tassel zip closure.
    What do u think?:graucho:
  2. can't get to the page
  3. I think that's super cute! Great color to go with everything. Bulga's new line is beautiful too.
  4. Very pretty color!! I like it too!:yes:
  5. The tassle closures on Bulga holds up better than a lot of other bags with that type closure. I think it'll be fine. Cute, simple, I think it has good potential! Me Likey!
  6. Nice - I think it works well :smile:
  7. That bag is sooo cute! I really like this one too:

  8. It seems a little plain IMHO.
    I prefer the one littlepanda posted....
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