Do you like silver or gold GH in Plomb?

  1. Which one for the DAY?
  2. silver
  3. silver
  4. Silver!
  5. i say gold!! it looks gorgeous against the grayish tones of the bag!!
  6. :yes:
  7. i prefer silver!
  8. Silver = more casual, rocker-ish l:huh:k.
    Gold = more dressed up, elegant l:huh:k.
  9. gold
  10. Silver
  11. silver
  12. silver!
  13. silver!
  14. It depends on the look you're going for. Like oogie said, Silver is a more casual, rocker-ish look, Gold is a more dressed up, elegant look.

    I really like the contrast of the Gold with the steel. When going back and forth between the two hardwares, I felt that I could get the rock-n-roll look already with my black rh city. And I needed more of a dressed up look in my collection. That was the deciding factor for me.
  15. silver too